Professional Photography Services

▶︎ Making use of advanced technical facilities and equipment, know-how and technical knowledge of their personnel, XERXES, provides the following services by their "Professional Photographing Department" to realize your ends:



To make 360 degrees photos:

To make 360 degrees photos of products with possibility of unlimited rotation and alteration of view angle in computers and to have the best possible grasp of different volumes and angles of relevant goods.


To produce virtual tours:

They may be used in various locations such as historical, cultural and sport places, hotels, villas, recreational complexes, business buildings, administrative offices, factories, &… with possibility of rotation, enlargement, free and unrestricted movements of viewers and making excursions in relevant places with the highest qualities with the most precise details without being present there.


To make 3-D photos:

To provide and produce 3-D photos of various goods and/or locations that may be viewed completely as a 3-D image when special glasses are used. Such photos may be offset printed with no restriction of count of copies.




- Photographing with no restrictions in terms of counts or sizes

- Ideal qualities and resolutions (digital 24 to 42 mega-pixels)

- Use of the most modern cameras and other photographing equipment

- Ability to dispatch teams to all over location in the world.




To make industrial photos:

To photograph products, parts, machinery, places of factories, companies and organizations to be used in documentation of industrial projects and advertisement matters …


To make advertisement photos:

To photograph goods and/or relevant locations to use in any printed advertisements ranging from brochures and catalogue to billboards & large format panels.


To make panorama photos:

To photograph with view spans from 15 to 360 degrees in one frame to illustrate large and colossal environments that may not be seen in one frame. This technique doubles both the attraction and greatness of environments and all details of photo may be seen with no change in their natural forms.



Samples of our projects:


These photos selected from "Architecture Photography", "Body Conception Photography", "News & live events coverage Photography",  "Panorama Photography" and "Advertising / commercial Photography" techniques, all performed by XERXES Media Co with in collaboration member partners.

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