SMS & Text Messages Advertising

▶︎ Ads by cellphone and through SMS text or multimedia messages, is not a new method. However, because of the incredible ability and the high volume of audience, always be successful for high popularity in developing countries.

XERXES Media proudly cooperate with all international telecommunication cellphone operator companies in the Middle East, has access to countless audiences in these countries.

With attention to the activities or your products, audience by country, city, region of residence, gender, preferences, and other variables, are proposed to you. Advertising products or services across the region you want, just be sending for person to person.

Also, due to the popularity of Internet instant messaging applications, allows you to send text messages and multimedia in all of these applications separately and select preferred audiences with the desired specifications are possible. These applications in countries such as Iran and Turkey are very popular and have attracted a large audience.

Most popular text & media messaging applications in Middle East:

Biggest International Telecommunication Cellphone Operator Companies in the Middle East Cooperating With Us:

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