Social media network pages marketing and management

▶︎ Today's business world is full of competition. Direct communication with customers and engage with them to improve the quality and quantity of products or services, is inescapable.

However, due to the proliferation of social media networks and numerous criteria to be seen at most, achieve the highest efficiency requires professional knowledge, long time and technical force specializing in different fields.


XERXES Media co utilizes the marketing, graphic design, IT specialists and social media networks departments, and using the knowledge on branding and sales, will be able to provide specific and different monthly packages with content management and uninterrupted monitoring of feedbacks.



Among the services offered in social network marketing packages can be pointed to these items:


◉ Construction and commissioning of all social pages for persons, companies and organizations.


◉ Uninterrupted management and receiving feedback 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


◉ Pages followers increasing with a scientific approach.


◉ Send one to fifty times posts per day like the news, photos and advertising posts in any of the pages.


◉ Send your own promotional content on special occasions up to a hundred times a day.


◉ Designing and implementing the necessary graphics.


◉ Responding to questions and issues of visitors and events management.


◉ Competitions and entertainment for the audience at specified time.


◉ Manage messages, remove and block rogue audiences pages.


◉  And a myriad of other services that can be provided and will be designed based on your needs.



For more information and to become familiar with the packages, please contact the social pages management department.

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