Web Design & Development Services

▶︎ Making use of advanced technical facilities and equipment, know-how and technical knowledge of their personnel, XERXES provides the following services by their "E-Commerce & Web Service Department" to realize your ends:






◉ To register, to rent spaces, to design, to set up and to manage Internet    websites.

◉ To setup e-store and websites of shop portals.

◉  To setup VoIP services.

◉ To provide technology of transmitting sound on the platform of VoIP.


Today by using such technology, companies may save expenses of renewed cabling, and their employees may answer instantly all phone calls and record their audiovisual messages from a desk phone, cell phone and/or personal computer from any location all over the World and without need to be present at the company, and to enjoy stable and high qualities of sound and even image with no common telecommunication charges. If you wish to have easier contacts with lower costs with your agents abroad, VoIP services are helpful for you.

Various designs of websites:


Static websites

Websites with proper graphic appearances, low volumes and easy and fast.


Wordpress based websites

high preference websites with very high facility and completely responsible. support music, films and other facilities.


Portal websites

Websites with unlimited facilities and official and formal graphic appearances.

Some possibilities of portal packages:


- Multilingual system

- Creation of various (unrestricted) pages

- Creation of (unlimited) menus and sub-menus

- Management of members and registrations with various accesses

- Creation of advanced electronic stores

- Communication with banks

- Management of news and archives

- Management of gallery of photos and products

- Opinion poll of users

- Search motor of site contents

- Advertisement management of the site

- Management of e-mail

- And countless other possibilities



Samples of our website design projects:

With cooperation: Digital Media Group Iran | www.dmgir.com

For visiting the live view of these websites, please click on thumbnails:


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